Hydraulics Ebooks

Working Guide to Pump and Pumping Stations: Calculations and Simulations ebook cover
$101.00 $106.95
Solid/Liquid Separation: Equipment Selection and Process Design ebook cover
$295.85 $325.00
Coherent Synchronized Oxidation Reactions by Hydrogen Peroxide ebook cover
$277.70 $305.00
Land and Marine Hydrogeology ebook cover
$138.50 $148.00
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '96 ebook cover
$268.60 $295.00
Pump Users Handbook ebook cover
$282.20 $310.00
Sediment and Ecohydraulics: INTERCOH 2005 ebook cover
$264.05 $290.00
Boundary Value Problems in Mechanics of Nonhomogeneous Fluids ebook cover
1. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Fundamentals of Rotating Equipment ebook cover
2. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Pumps ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
Pressure Vessel Design Manual ebook cover
$140.30 $150.00
Flow-Induced Vibrations: Classifications and Lessons from Practical Experiences ebook cover
$117.55 $125.00
Profile of the International Pump Industry: Market Prospects to 2010 ebook cover
$112.95 $120.00
Analysis of Turbulent Boundary Layers ebook cover
Turbulence Phenomena ebook cover
Porous Media Fluid Transport and Pore Structure ebook cover
Momentum Transfer in Fluids ebook cover
Physical Fluid Dynamics ebook cover
Stability of Parallel Flows ebook cover
Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Our Environment ebook cover
Dams, Dam Foundations, and Reservoir Sites ebook cover
Transport Models/Inland & Coastal Waters ebook cover
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics ebook cover
Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk in Coastal Cities ebook cover