Hydraulics Ebooks

Environmental Hydraulics ebook cover
$178.45 $190.00
Trickle Bed Reactors: Reactor Engineering and Applications ebook cover
$250.10 $270.00
Fluid Flow for Chemical and Process Engineers ebook cover
Hydraulic Proppant Fracturing and Gravel Packing ebook cover
Hydrodynamics and Transport Processes of Inverse Bubbly Flow ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
Open Channel Hydraulics ebook cover
Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis ebook cover
$112.25 $119.95
Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual: Design, Operations, and Maintenance ebook cover
$182.95 $195.00
Cohesive Sediments in Open Channels: Erosion, Transport and Deposition ebook cover
$137.40 $144.95
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001, Practice and Theory ebook cover
$182.95 $195.00
Geomorphological Hazards of Europe ebook cover
$324.05 $350.00
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2000: Trends and Applications ebook cover
$191.95 $205.00
Seals and Sealing Handbook ebook cover
$209.85 $225.00
Coastal Engineering - Waves, Beaches, Wave-Structure Interactions ebook cover
Latin American Coral Reefs ebook cover
$196.45 $210.00
Hydrodynamics of Coastal Zones ebook cover
Hydrodynamic Fluctuations in Fluids and Fluid Mixtures ebook cover
Steel Water Storage Tanks: Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Repair ebook cover
Desalination Engineering: Operation and Maintenance ebook cover
$75.55 $79.95
Hydrothermal and Supercritical Water Processes ebook cover
$209.85 $225.00
Canal and River Levées ebook cover
Underwater Repair Technology ebook cover
$164.85 $175.00
Police Psychology Into the 21st Century ebook cover