Industrial & Technical Ebooks

Microbial Engineering: First International Symposium on Advances in Microbial Engineering ebook cover
The Stress Analysis of Pressure Vessels and Pressure Vessel Components ebook cover
$88.95 $93.95
An Introduction Chemistry Of The Silicones ebook cover
Sustainability of Products, Processes and Supply Chains: Theory and Applications ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00
Sonochemistry and the Acoustic Bubble ebook cover
$171.85 $185.00
Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control ebook cover
$88.95 $93.95
CRC Materials Science and Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition ebook cover
$253.00 $269.95
Oil Spill Impacts: Taxonomic and Ontological Approaches ebook cover
Lubrication Fundamentals, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded ebook cover
Reaction Engineering Principles ebook cover
Cold Gas Dynamic Spray ebook cover
$261.90 $279.95
Chemical Analysis: Modern Materials Evaluation and Testing Methods ebook cover
Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy ebook cover
$257.50 $275.00
The Integration of Process Design and Control ebook cover
$531.75 $570.00
Thiophenes ebook cover
$418.50 $460.00
Phosgene: And Related Carbonyl Halides ebook cover
$413.95 $454.95
Wavelets in Chemistry ebook cover
$323.10 $355.00
Inorganic Membranes: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications ebook cover
$216.20 $235.00
Remediation of Contaminated Environments ebook cover
$198.55 $215.00
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry ebook cover
$235.20 $250.00
European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 13 ebook cover
$531.75 $570.00
Passivation of Metals and Semiconductors, and Properties of Thin Oxide Layers ebook cover
$295.85 $325.00
Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry: A Practical Guide ebook cover