Industrial & Technical Ebooks

Moving Finite Element Method: Fundamentals and Applications in Chemical Engineering ebook cover
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Spray Dryers: An Engineer's Guide ebook cover
Mathematical Methods in Chemical and Biological Engineering ebook cover
Advances in Chromatography, Volume 53 ebook cover
Handbook for Chemical Process Research and Development ebook cover
Enantioselection in Asymmetric Catalysis ebook cover
Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Third Edition ebook cover
Classical Thermodynamics of Fluid Systems: Principles and Applications ebook cover
Analysis and Analyzers: Volume II ebook cover
$265.95 $279.95
Measurement and Safety: Volume I ebook cover
$379.70 $399.95
Photocatalysis: Principles and Applications ebook cover
Structure and Chemistry of the Apatites and Other Calcium Orthophosphates ebook cover
Handbook of Smart Coatings for Materials Protection ebook cover
$291.70 $315.00
Direct Methane to Methanol: Foundations and Prospects of the Process ebook cover
$187.40 $199.95
Key Chiral Auxiliary Applications ebook cover
$254.70 $275.00
Dental Biomaterials: Imaging, Testing and Modelling ebook cover
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Advances in Ceramic Matrix Composites ebook cover
$296.30 $320.00
The Electrochemistry and Characteristics of Embeddable Reference Electrodes for Concrete ebook cover
Standardisation of Thermal Cycling Exposure Testing ebook cover
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Comprehensive Organic Synthesis ebook cover
$5,683.90 $5,995.00
Humic Substances: Versatile Components Of Plants, Soils And Water ebook cover
$245.45 $265.00
Understanding Humic Substances: Advanced Methods, Properties And Applications ebook cover
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Humic Substances: Structures, Properties And Uses ebook cover
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Key Engineering Materials, Volume 1: Current State-of-the-Art on Novel Materials ebook cover