Information Management Ebooks

Personnel Protection: Security Personnel: Proven Practices ebook cover
Workplace Security Playbook: The New Manager's Guide to Security Risk ebook cover
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Influencing Enterprise Risk Mitigation ebook cover
A Handbook of Digital Library Economics: Operations, Collections and Services ebook cover
Leadership in Academic and Public Libraries: A Time of Change ebook cover
Local Community in the Era of Social Media Technologies: A Global Approach ebook cover
Academic Libraries in the US and China ebook cover
Chinese Librarianship in the Digital Era ebook cover
Security Risks in Social Media Technologies ebook cover
Multimedia Information Retrieval: Theory and Techniques ebook cover
Information Literacy and Cultural Heritage: Developing a Model for Lifelong Learning ebook cover
The Patron-Driven Library ebook cover
Information Security Management Principles ebook cover
Trends, Discovery, and People in the Digital Age ebook cover
Governance of IT: An executive guide to ISO/IEC 38500 ebook cover
Conflict Management for Security Professionals ebook cover
New Content in Digital Repositories: The Changing Research Landscape ebook cover
From Knowledge Abstraction to Management ebook cover
E-Commerce and V-Business ebook cover
Making Sense of Data and Information ebook cover
Delivering IT and eBusiness Value ebook cover
Intelligent IT Outsourcing ebook cover
The Knowledge Management Yearbook 2000-2001 ebook cover
Considering Computer Contracting? ebook cover