Information Management Ebooks

Engaging First-Year Students in Meaningful Library Research ebook cover
Library Classification Trends in the 21st Century ebook cover
Crisis Information Management: Communication and Technologies ebook cover
Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet ebook cover
Knowledge and Social Capital ebook cover
Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy ebook cover
Realizing the Promise of Corporate Portals ebook cover
The Future of Knowledge ebook cover
Rise of the Knowledge Worker ebook cover
Knowledge in Organisations ebook cover
Knowledge and Strategy ebook cover
The Power of Collaborative Leadership: ebook cover
Knowledge and Communities ebook cover
Public Administration Reformation: Market Demand from Public Organizations ebook cover
Information Risk Management: A practitioner's guide ebook cover
Knowledge Networks and Tourism ebook cover
Organisational Semiotics for Business Informatics ebook cover
Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century II ebook cover
Systematic Strategic Planning ebook cover
Building a Practical Information Security Program ebook cover
Knowledge Spillover-based Strategic Entrepreneurship ebook cover
Operational Auditing: Principles and Techniques for a Changing World ebook cover
Business Analytics and Cyber Security Management in Organizations ebook cover
Media and Information Literacy in Higher Education: Educating the Educators ebook cover