Information Technology Ebooks

Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme ebook cover
Crowdsourcing: One Step Beyond ebook cover
Graph-related Optimization and Decision Support Systems ebook cover
Automatic Text Summarization ebook cover
The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data ebook cover
The Uncertain Digital Revolution ebook cover
The Art of War in the Network Age: Back to the Future ebook cover
Privacy Lost: How Technology Is Endangering Your Privacy ebook cover
Social Media at Work: How Networking Tools Propel Organizational Performance ebook cover
ERP and Information Systems: Integration or Disintegration ebook cover
WHOIS Running the Internet: Protocol, Policy, and Privacy ebook cover
Information and Recommender Systems ebook cover
Transformation of Collective Intelligences: Perspective of Transhumanism ebook cover
Elements of Information Theory ebook cover
Intelligent Internet Knowledge Networks: Processing of Concepts and Wisdom ebook cover
Partnering With the CIO ebook cover
Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility, and Globalization ebook cover
Digital Transformation: Information System Governance ebook cover
New Challenges for Knowledge: Digital Dynamics to Access and Sharing ebook cover
Collective Intelligence Development in Business ebook cover
Being Digital ebook cover
The Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology ebook cover
Performance Evaluation by Simulation and Analysis with Applications to Computer Networks ebook cover
From Big Data to Smart Data ebook cover