Information Theory Ebooks

Stability and Time-Optimal Control of Hereditary Systems ebook cover
Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Infinite Dimensional Systems ebook cover
Global biogeochemical cycles ebook cover
Matrix Logic and Mind: A Probe into a Unified Theory of Mind and Matter ebook cover
Language in Action: Categories, Lambdas and Dynamic Logic ebook cover
Decentralized Control of Complex Systems ebook cover
Nonlinear Equations in the Applied Sciences ebook cover
Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics ebook cover
Parallel and Distributed Processing ebook cover
Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems in Science and Engineering ebook cover
Computability, Complexity, Logic ebook cover
Chemistry of the Natural Atmosphere ebook cover
Constructivism in Mathematics, Vol 1 ebook cover
Linear Dynamical Systems ebook cover
Numerical Approximation of Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Nonlinear Methods in Numerical Analysis ebook cover
Lunar Gravimetry ebook cover
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Bilinear Transformation Method ebook cover
The Earth's Magnetic Field : Its History, Origin, and Planetary Perspective ebook cover
Planets and Their Atmospheres: Origin and Evolution ebook cover
Computational Methods for Optimizing Distributed Systems ebook cover
Deformations of an Elastic Earth ebook cover
The Stability of Input-Output Dynamical Systems ebook cover
Introduction to Sensitivity and Stability Analysis in Nonlinear Programming ebook cover