Information Theory Ebooks

Integer and Mixed Programming: Theory and Applications ebook cover
Mathematical Models for the Study of the Reliability of Systems ebook cover
Hamilton-Jacobi Equation: A Global Approach ebook cover
Probability Methods for Approximations in Stochastic Control and for Elliptic Equations ebook cover
Dynamic Stochastic Models from Empirical Data ebook cover
Introduction to Nonparametric Detection with Applications ebook cover
Variational Methods in Statistics ebook cover
Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control ebook cover
A Rational Finite Element Basis ebook cover
Ocean Circulation Physics ebook cover
An Introduction to Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems ebook cover
Discrete Numerical Methods in Physics and Engineering ebook cover
Bilinear Control Processes: with Applications to Engineering, Ecology, and Medicine ebook cover
Automation Theory and Modeling of Biological Systems ebook cover
Integral Equations and Stability of Feedback Systems ebook cover
Introduction to the Theory and Application of Differential Equations with Deviating Arguments ebook cover
Graph Theory in Modern Engineering ebook cover
Sparse Matrices ebook cover
Theory of Ionospheric Waves ebook cover
Methods of Nonlinear Analysis ebook cover
Realizability Theory for Continuous Linear Systems ebook cover
Foundations of the Theory of Learning Systems ebook cover
Multiparameter eigenvalue problems ebook cover
Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces ebook cover