Information Theory Ebooks

An Introduction to Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems ebook cover
Discrete Numerical Methods in Physics and Engineering ebook cover
Bilinear Control Processes: with Applications to Engineering, Ecology, and Medicine ebook cover
Automation Theory and Modeling of Biological Systems ebook cover
Integral Equations and Stability of Feedback Systems ebook cover
Graph Theory in Modern Engineering ebook cover
Sparse Matrices ebook cover
Theory of Ionospheric Waves ebook cover
Methods of Nonlinear Analysis ebook cover
Realizability Theory for Continuous Linear Systems ebook cover
Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Control Processes: Nonlinear Processes v. 2 ebook cover
Principles of Combinatorics ebook cover
Diakoptics and Networks ebook cover
Transversal Theory: An account of some aspects of combinatorial mathematics ebook cover
Function Theoretic Methods in Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Differential Equations: Stability, Oscillations, Time Lags ebook cover
Stochastic Stability and Control ebook cover
Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations in Transport Processes ebook cover
Algorithms, Graphs, and Computers ebook cover
Mathematical Theory of Connecting Networks and Telephone Traffic ebook cover
Time-Lag Control Systems ebook cover
Optimization of Stochastic Systems: Topics in Discrete-time Systems ebook cover
Adaptive, Learning, and Pattern Recognition Systems; theory and applications ebook cover
Physics of the marine atmosphere ebook cover