Information Theory Ebooks

Radiation in the Atmosphere ebook cover
Dynamic Programming and the Calculus of Variations ebook cover
The Theory of Splines and Their Applications ebook cover
The Special Functions and Their Approximations ebook cover
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Functional Analysis and Time Optimal Control ebook cover
The Computation and Theory of Optimal Control ebook cover
Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Control Processes ebook cover
Optimization Techniques: With Applications to Aerospace Systems ebook cover
Discrete and Continuous Boundary Problems ebook cover
Stability of Nonlinear Control Systems ebook cover
Differential-Difference Equations ebook cover
Variational Methods in Optimum Control Theory ebook cover
Linear and Quasilinear Elliptic Equations ebook cover
Graphs, Dynamic Programming and Finite Games ebook cover
Nonlinear Two Point Boundary Value Problems ebook cover
Differential and integral inequalities; theory and applications PART B ebook cover
Sequential Methods in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning ebook cover
Special Functions and Their Approximations: v. 2 ebook cover
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Quasilinearization and invariant imbedding, with applications to chemical engineering and adaptive control ebook cover
Linear Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, with Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Coefficients ebook cover
Nonlinear Autonomous Oscillations: Analytical Theory ebook cover
An Algorithmic Approach to Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization ebook cover
Differential and Integral Inequalities ebook cover
Lie Theory and Special Functions ebook cover