Information Theory Ebooks

Climate and Life ebook cover
Atmospheric Circulation Systems: their structure and physical interpretation ebook cover
Methods of Matrix Algebra ebook cover
Topics in the Theory of Computation ebook cover
Lectures on Functional Equations and Their Applications ebook cover
Guide to Human Genome Computing ebook cover
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Factorization Methods for Discrete Sequential Estimation ebook cover
Random Integral Equations ebook cover
Mathematical Theories of Traffic Flow ebook cover
Introduction to Operations Research ebook cover
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Engineering ebook cover
An Introduction to Applied Optimal Control ebook cover
Stochastic Models: Estimation and Control: v. 1 ebook cover
Pursuit Games ebook cover
System Identification ebook cover
Network Recovery: Protection and Restoration of Optical, SONET-SDH, IP, and MPLS ebook cover
Third Generation CDMA Systems for Enhanced Data Services ebook cover
Handbook of Quantum Logic and Quantum Structures: Quantum Structures ebook cover
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Neuromimetic Semantics: Coordination, quantification, and collective predicates ebook cover
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Theories of Computational Complexity ebook cover
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Riccati Differential Equations ebook cover
Probabilities and Potential, B: Theory of Martingales ebook cover
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Computational Methods for Optimizing Distributed Systems ebook cover
Nonlinear Equations in the Applied Sciences ebook cover