Information Theory Ebooks

Indexing: From Thesauri to the Semantic Web ebook cover
Computational Network Science: An Algorithmic Approach ebook cover
Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, XII ebook cover
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People-Centric Security: Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture ebook cover
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Quantum Inspired Computational Intelligence: Research and Applications ebook cover
Type Inheritance and Relational Theory: Subtypes, Supertypes, and Substitutability ebook cover
$34.20 $38.99
Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation ebook cover
Finding and Knowing: Psychology, Information and Computers ebook cover
The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology ebook cover
Handbook of Computability Theory ebook cover
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The History of Information Security: A Comprehensive Handbook ebook cover
$223.20 $240.00
Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications ebook cover
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Multiparametric Statistics ebook cover
Differential Equations: Classical to Controlled ebook cover
CAFE: An Industrial-Strength Algebraic Formal Method ebook cover
Optimal Economic Operation of Electric Power Systems ebook cover
Stability of Linear Systems: Some Aspects of Kinematic Similarity ebook cover
Mathematical Approaches to Neural Networks ebook cover
Lunar Gravimetry ebook cover
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Foundations of the Theory of Learning Systems ebook cover
Engineering Documentation Control Handbook ebook cover
Network Flow, Transportation, and Scheduling; Theory and Algorithms ebook cover
Dynamic Programming: Sequential Scientific Management ebook cover
Problems in the Philosophy of Mathematics ebook cover