Intelligence (Ai) & Semantics Ebooks

Pattern Recognition and Classification in Time Series Data ebook cover
Getting Started with TensorFlow ebook cover
Domain-Sensitive Temporal Tagging ebook cover
Neuromimetic Semantics: Coordination, quantification, and collective predicates ebook cover
$169.40 $180.00
Handbook of Constraint Programming ebook cover
$200.95 $215.00
Customer Relationship Management and the Social and Semantic Web: Enabling Cliens Conexus ebook cover
Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks: Principles and Methodologies ebook cover
Programming Entity Framework ebook cover
$38.30 $43.99
Computer Vision Technology in the Food and Beverage Industries ebook cover
$259.35 $280.00
Connectionism in Perspective ebook cover
Virtual Reality and the Built Environment ebook cover
Genetic Algorithms and their Applications ebook cover
Explanation Patterns: Understanding Mechanically and Creatively ebook cover
Automated Theorem Proving: A Logical Basis ebook cover
Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence ebook cover
Improving Information Security Practices through Computational Intelligence ebook cover
Developing and Applying Optoelectronics in Machine Vision ebook cover
Multi-Core Computer Vision and Image Processing for Intelligent Applications ebook cover
Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation ebook cover
Evolutionary Computation in Bioinformatics ebook cover
Intelligent Robots and Systems ebook cover
Robot Builder's Cookbook: Build and Design Your Own Robots ebook cover
High-Level Data Fusion ebook cover
$144.95 $164.00
Bioinformatics: Managing Scientific Data ebook cover