Intelligence (Ai) & Semantics Ebooks

Library Linked Data in the Cloud ebook cover
Learning-Based Local Visual Representation and Indexing ebook cover
Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory and Practice ebook cover
Social Sensing: Building Reliable Systems on Unreliable Data ebook cover
Advances in Independent Component Analysis and Learning Machines ebook cover
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Abstract Domains in Constraint Programming ebook cover
Complex Behavior in Evolutionary Robotics ebook cover
Relevance Ranking for Vertical Search Engines ebook cover
Source SDK Game Development Essentials ebook cover
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and the Design of Intelligent Agents ebook cover
An Introduction to Constraint-Based Temporal Reasoning ebook cover
Quotient Space Based Problem Solving: A Theoretical Foundation of Granular Computing ebook cover
General Game Playing ebook cover
Judgment Aggregation: A Primer ebook cover
Knowledge-Based Configuration: From Research to Business Cases ebook cover
Conformal Prediction for Reliable Machine Learning: Theory, Adaptations and Applications ebook cover
Robot Learning from Human Teachers ebook cover
Advances in Intelligent Vehicles ebook cover
Ultimate Computing: Biomolecular Consciousness and NanoTechnology ebook cover
Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Genetic Algorithms and their Applications ebook cover
Architectures for Intelligence: The 22nd Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Cognition ebook cover
Artificial Intelligence Programming ebook cover
Inside Case-Based Explanation ebook cover