Intelligence (Ai) & Semantics Ebooks

Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering ebook cover
Machine Vision for Three-Dimensional Scenes ebook cover
Artificial and Mathematical Theory of Computation: Papers in Honor of John McCarthy ebook cover
Robotics Sourcebook ebook cover
Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems ebook cover
Case-Based Planning: Viewing Planning as a Memory Task ebook cover
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design ebook cover
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design ebook cover
Decentralized A.I., 2 ebook cover
COLT Proceedings 1990 ebook cover
Distributed Artificial Intelligence: Volume I ebook cover
Emerging Trends in Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ebook cover
A Machine-Learning Approach to Phishing Detection and Defense ebook cover
Advances in Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation ebook cover
Unity AI Programming Essentials ebook cover
Learning NGUI for Unity ebook cover
Automating Open Source Intelligence: Algorithms for OSINT ebook cover
Introduction to the Theories and Varieties of Modern Crime in Financial Markets ebook cover
Medical Image Recognition, Segmentation and Parsing ebook cover
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Handbook of Research on Design, Control, and Modeling of Swarm Robotics ebook cover
$441.35 $465.00
Rugged Embedded Systems: Computing in Harsh Environments ebook cover
Natural Language Processing for the Semantic Web ebook cover
Building Recommendation Engines ebook cover
Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Intelligent Communication Application ebook cover
$341.80 $360.00