International Ebooks

E-Voting Case Law: A Comparative Analysis ebook cover
UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and the South China Sea ebook cover
Interregionalism and the European Union ebook cover
Self-Determination and Collective Responsibility in the Secessionist Struggle ebook cover
The Responsibility to Protect in International Law: An Emerging Paradigm Shift ebook cover
International Investment Law and the Right to Regulate: A human rights perspective ebook cover
Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia, 800-1000 ebook cover
Ethnicity and International Law ebook cover
Targeted Killing ebook cover
Essentials of WTO Law ebook cover
Stateless Law: Evolving Boundaries of a Discipline ebook cover
The Battle Over Bilingual Ballots ebook cover
The English Legal System: 2013-2014 ebook cover
The English Legal System ebook cover
Resource Book on TRIPS and Development ebook cover
Weber, Habermas and Transformations of the European State ebook cover
International Refugee Law and Socio-Economic Rights: Refuge from Deprivation ebook cover
Kwame Nkrumah's Contribution to Pan-African Agency: An Afrocentric Analysis ebook cover
Legal Symbolism: On Law, Time and European Identity ebook cover
The Changing Law of the Employment Relationship ebook cover
Dilemmas of Internationalism ebook cover
Re-envisioning Sovereignty: The End of Westphalia? ebook cover
Approaching the EUropean Federation? ebook cover
Protracted Displacement in Asia: No Place to Call Home ebook cover