International Ebooks

Alternative Visions of the International Law on Foreign Investment ebook cover
Analogies in International Investment Law and Arbitration ebook cover
International Investment Law and the Right to Regulate: A human rights perspective ebook cover
Promoting Compliance ebook cover
Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia, 800-1000 ebook cover
The Modern Cy-prs Doctrine: Applications and Implications ebook cover
The Promise of Human Rights ebook cover
Prosecuting Slobodan Miloevi?: The Unfinished Trial ebook cover
Seeking Justice in International Law ebook cover
Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict ebook cover
Human Rights and Development in International Law ebook cover
Ethnicity and International Law ebook cover
Targeted Killing ebook cover
Contested Regime Collisions ebook cover
Essentials of WTO Law ebook cover
The International Criminal Court ebook cover
Law, Policy, and Practice on China's Periphery ebook cover
Law Against Genocide: Cosmopolitan Trials ebook cover
International Trade Regulation and the Mitigation of Climate Change ebook cover
Strategic Visions for Human Rights: Essays in Honour of Professor Kevin Boyle ebook cover
The EU's Role in World Politics: A Retreat from Liberal Internationalism ebook cover
The European Union and Global Governance ebook cover
Decolonising International Law ebook cover