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Constitutional Evolution in Central and Eastern Europe ebook cover
Elephant Treaties: The Colonial Legacy of the Biodiversity Crisis ebook cover
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The Eurozone Crisis ebook cover
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The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law ebook cover
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International Organisations ebook cover
Global Governance and NGO Participation ebook cover
Europeanised Politics?: European Integration and National Political Systems ebook cover
Global Institutions, Marginalization and Development ebook cover
EC Competition Law and Policy ebook cover
Judicial Recourse to Foreign Law: A New Source of Inspiration? ebook cover
Dimensions of Western Military Intervention ebook cover
Women and Transitional Justice: The Experience of Women as Participants ebook cover
Reforming the UN Security Council Membership: The illusion of representativeness ebook cover
Threats of Force: International Law and Strategy ebook cover
Turkey and the European Union: Facing New Challenges and Opportunities ebook cover
The Extension of Coastal State Jurisdiction in Enclosed or Semi-Enclosed Seas ebook cover
Party Attitudes Towards the EU in the Member States ebook cover
The European Council and European Governance: The Commanding Heights of the EU ebook cover
Science and Technology in International Economic Law: Balancing Competing Interests ebook cover
Land-locked States of Africa and Asia ebook cover
Health Technologies and International Intellectual Property Law: A Precautionary Approach ebook cover
EU Law ebook cover
Contracts of Carriage by Land and Air ebook cover
The Federal Republic of Germany and the European Community (RLE: German Politics) ebook cover