International Secur Ebooks

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Let Them Stay: U.S. War Resisters in Canada, 2004-2016 ebook cover
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Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, Esq., a Military Officer in the Services of Prussia, Russia & Great Britain, Containing an Account of His Travels in Ger ebook cover
Cheap Threats: Why the United States Struggles to Coerce Weak States ebook cover
Mexico's Illicit Drug Networks and the State Reaction ebook cover
Why Peace Fails: The Causes and Prevention of Civil War Recurrence ebook cover
Spies, Patriots, and Traitors: American Intelligence in the Revolutionary War ebook cover
Deep Currents and Rising Tides: The Indian Ocean and International Security ebook cover
New Armies from Old: Merging Competing Military Forces after Civil Wars ebook cover
Homeland Security: The Essentials ebook cover
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American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, and Future ebook cover
$58.60 $78.99
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Western Foreign Fighters: The Threat to Homeland and International Security ebook cover
$24.25 $31.99
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Culture and National Security in the Americas ebook cover
$80.90 $109.99
The New Geopolitics of Terror: Demons and Dragons ebook cover
North American Border Conflicts: Race, Politics, and Ethics ebook cover
Emergency Planning for Nuclear Power Plants ebook cover
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National, International, and Human Security: A Comparative Introduction ebook cover
$24.25 $31.99
Combating Internet-Enabled Terrorism: Emerging Research and Opportunities ebook cover
UN Peacekeeping Doctrine in a New Era ebook cover
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Strategic Analysis in Support of International Policy Making ebook cover
$48.40 $64.99
Nuclear Multilateralism and Iran: Inside EU Negotiations ebook cover
Assessing the War on Terror: Western and Middle Eastern Perspectives ebook cover
Geopolitics, Geography and Strategic History ebook cover
Quasi-state Entities and International Criminal Justice ebook cover
Public Opinion, Legitimacy and Tony Blair's War in Iraq ebook cover