International Secur Ebooks

US Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East: The Realpolitik of Deceit ebook cover
Constructing Genocide and Mass Violence: Society, Crisis, Identity ebook cover
China's Use of Military Force in Foreign Affairs: The Dragon Strikes ebook cover
Managing State Fragility: Conflict, Quantification and Power ebook cover
What to Do About the U.N. ebook cover
$5.23 $5.99
Cyber Security and Policy: A Substantive Dialogue ebook cover
$10.00 $11.99
War and the Art of Governance: Consolidating Combat Success into Political Victory ebook cover
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Israeli Prisoner of War Policies: From the 1949 Armistice to the 2006 Kidnappings ebook cover
$76.65 $104.00
The Future of US Warfare ebook cover
Security Surveillance Centers: Design, Implementation, and Operation ebook cover
Negotiating the Arctic: The Construction of an International Region ebook cover
Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World ebook cover
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction ebook cover
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North Korean Foreign Policy: Security Dilemma and Succession ebook cover
$30.15 $39.99
Military Cooperation in Multinational Peace Operations ebook cover
Dying Empire: U.S. Imperialism and Global Resistance ebook cover
The United States and NATO since 9/11: The Transatlantic Alliance Renewed ebook cover
The Political Economy of Peacemaking ebook cover
Global Politics and the Responsibility to Protect: From Words to Deeds ebook cover
EU Foreign Policy and Post-Soviet Conflicts: Stealth Intervention ebook cover
India and the South Asian Strategic Triangle ebook cover
Feminist Security Studies: A Narrative Approach ebook cover
Nuclear Energy and Global Governance: Ensuring Safety, Security and Non-proliferation ebook cover
Terrorism, Identity and Legitimacy: The Four Waves theory and political violence ebook cover