International Secur Ebooks

The Swedish Presence in Afghanistan: Security and Defence Transformation ebook cover
Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate: Covert Action and Internal Operations ebook cover
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India-Pakistan Nuclear Diplomacy ebook cover
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Evaluating Peacekeeping Missions ebook cover
Media Strategy and Military Operations in the 21st Century ebook cover
Resolving Deep-Rooted Conflicts ebook cover
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Drug Trafficking and International Security ebook cover
$22.80 $30.00
Exporting Security ebook cover
The Art of Peace: Engaging a Complex World ebook cover
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Presidential Doctrines: U.S. National Security from George Washington to Barack Obama ebook cover
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Intelligence and Surprise Attack ebook cover
The New Counterinsurgency Era: Transforming the U.S. Military for Modern Wars ebook cover
Peace Operations: Trends, Progress, and Prospects ebook cover
Paths to Peace: Domestic Coalition Shifts, War Termination and the Korean War ebook cover
Looking for Balance: China, the United States, and Power Balancing in East Asia ebook cover
Military Adaptation in Afghanistan ebook cover
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Coercion, Survival, and War: Why Weak States Resist the United States ebook cover
The Dollar and National Security: The Monetary Component of Hard Power ebook cover
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Open Skies: Transparency, Confidence-Building, and the End of the Cold War ebook cover
Arms and Influence ebook cover
$28.10 $29.95
Foreign Powers and Intervention in Armed Conflicts ebook cover
The National Security Enterprise: Navigating the Labyrinth, Second Edition ebook cover
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Understanding Crime Prevention: The Case Study Approach ebook cover
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US National Cybersecurity: International Politics, Concepts and Organization ebook cover