International Secur Ebooks

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The Terrorist Trap: America's Experience with Terrorism ebook cover
$17.30 $23.99
UN Peace Operations: Lessons from Haiti, 1994-2016 ebook cover
Introduction to Emergency Management, Second Edition ebook cover
Reinventing Regional Security Institutions in Asia and Africa ebook cover
Gendering Counterinsurgency ebook cover
Homeland Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice, Third Edition ebook cover
Critical Infrastructure Protection, Risk Management, and Resilience: A Policy Perspective ebook cover
The Prince ebook cover
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Red Line: American Foreign Policy in a Time of Fractured Politics and Failing States ebook cover
$21.30 $27.99
Mission Creep: The Militarization of US Foreign Policy? ebook cover
The Indian Ocean and US Grand Strategy: Ensuring Access and Promoting Security ebook cover
US Foreign Policy and Defense Strategy: The Evolution of an Incidental Superpower ebook cover
Vaults, Mirrors, and Masks: Rediscovering U.S. Counterintelligence ebook cover
Introduction to Homeland Security: Principles of All-Hazards Risk Management ebook cover
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Global Security in the Twenty-First Century: The Quest for Power and the Search for Peace ebook cover
$38.80 $48.00
The Markets for Force: Privatization of Security Across World Regions ebook cover
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A History of U.S. Nuclear Testing and Its Influence on Nuclear Thought, 1945-1963 ebook cover
$69.50 $87.00
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Covering Bin Laden: Global Media and the World's Most Wanted Man ebook cover
$21.25 $27.00
The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture ebook cover
$5.70 $6.99
Environmental and Animal Rights Extremism, Terrorism, and National Security ebook cover
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Counterterrorism and Threat Finance Analysis during Wartime ebook cover
$34.00 $41.99
Protecting Transportation: Implementing Security Policies and Programs ebook cover
Application of Big Data for National Security ebook cover
Conflict Management in International Missions: A field guide ebook cover