International Trade Ebooks

The European Social Model and Transitional Labour Markets: Law and Policy ebook cover
Transnational Corruption and Corporations: Regulating Bribery through Corporate Liability ebook cover
The European Unfair Commercial Practices Directive ebook cover
International Trade Law Statutes and Conventions 2013-2015 ebook cover
Jurisdiction and Arbitration Agreements in International Commercial Law ebook cover
The Domestic Politics of Negotiating International Trade ebook cover
Risk Perception, Culture, and Legal Change ebook cover
Socio-Legal Approaches to International Economic Law: Text, Context, Subtext ebook cover
The Politics of Transatlantic Trade Negotiations: TTIP in a Globalized World ebook cover
Commercial Space Exploration: Ethics, Policy and Governance ebook cover
Financial Market Regulations and Legal Challenges in South Asia ebook cover
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Resource Book on TRIPS and Development ebook cover
European Fair Trading Law: The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive ebook cover
Fair Trade, Corporate Accountability and Beyond: Experiments in Globalizing Justice ebook cover
Financial Regulation in Africa ebook cover
International Investment Arbitration: Lessons from Developments in the MENA Region ebook cover
Cultural Diversity in International Law ebook cover
Law for Project Managers ebook cover
International Trade and the Successful Intermediary ebook cover
China's Banking Law and the National Treatment of Foreign-Funded Banks ebook cover
Trade, Globalization and Sustainability Impact Assessment ebook cover
The WTO and the Environment: Development of competence beyond trade ebook cover
Global Perspectives on Trade Integration and Economies in Transition ebook cover
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International Dispute Resolution and the Public Policy Exception ebook cover