Islamic Studies Ebooks

Leisurely Islam: Negotiating Geography and Morality in Shi'ite South Beirut ebook cover
Poetic Trespass: Writing between Hebrew and Arabic in Israel/Palestine ebook cover
Islam, Standards, and Technoscience: In Global Halal Zones ebook cover
Christianity, Islam and Nationalism in Indonesia ebook cover
All American Yemeni Girls: Being Muslim in a Public School ebook cover
Between Islam and the American Dream: An Immigrant Muslim Community in Post-9/11 America ebook cover
The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East ebook cover
The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought ebook cover
Being German, Becoming Muslim: Race, Religion, and Conversion in the New Europe ebook cover
What Is Islam?: The Importance of Being Islamic ebook cover
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Muslims in Amdo Tibetan Society: Multidisciplinary Approaches ebook cover
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Islamic Spectrum in Java ebook cover
Shari'a As Discourse: Legal Traditions and the Encounter with Europe ebook cover
Bombs and Ballots: Governance by Islamist Terrorist and Guerrilla Groups ebook cover
Shari'a Law in Commercial and Banking Arbitration: Law and Practice in Saudi Arabia ebook cover
Muslim Marriage in Western Courts: Lost in Transplantation ebook cover
The Principles of Islamic Marketing ebook cover
Religion as Communication: God's Talk ebook cover
Jihadi Terrorism and the Radicalisation Challenge: European and American Experiences ebook cover
Religion and the News ebook cover
Islam and Political-Cultural Europe ebook cover
Civil Rights in Wartime: The Post-9/11 Sikh Experience ebook cover
Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy ebook cover
Averroes and Hegel on Philosophy and Religion ebook cover