Israel Ebooks

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The Case for Israel ebook cover
$9.65 $12.95
Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948 ebook cover
Raid on the Sun: Inside Israel's Secret Campaign that Denied Saddam the Bomb ebook cover
Sleeping on a Wire: Conversations with Palestinians in Israel ebook cover
Veiled Courage: Inside the Afghan Women's Resistance ebook cover
The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace ebook cover
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God's Promise and the Future of Israel ebook cover
$11.95 $15.00
Elvis in Jerusalem: Post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel ebook cover
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Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel ebook cover
$12.45 $14.95
Israel's Wars, 1947-1993 ebook cover
The Leper King and his Heirs ebook cover
Israel's Wars ebook cover
Jerusalem Besieged: From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel ebook cover
Right & Wrong & Palestine: and Palestine, 9-11, Iraq, 7-7. . . ebook cover
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Unveiling the Kings of Israel: Revealing the Bible's Archaeological History ebook cover
$7.65 $9.99
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Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land ebook cover
$15.40 $18.90
Intifada: Palestine and Israel - The Long Day of Rage ebook cover
Israeli Secret Services and the Struggle Against Terrorism ebook cover
$13.75 $17.99
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Loud and Clear: The Memoir of an Israeli Fighter Pilot ebook cover
$24.15 $30.00
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1001 Facts Everyone Should Know about Israel ebook cover
$29.65 $36.99
Between Jew and Arab: The Lost Voice of Simon Rawidowicz ebook cover
$7.45 $7.99
The Forgotten Palestinians: A History of the Palestinians in Israel ebook cover
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The Dark Side of Zionism: The Quest for Security through Dominance ebook cover
$29.80 $39.99