Jurisprudence Ebooks

Reading Modern Law: Critical Methodologies and Sovereign Formations ebook cover
The Experience of Tragic Judgment ebook cover
The Reality of Precaution: Comparing Risk Regulation in the United States and Europe ebook cover
Society and Nature: A Sociological Inquiry ebook cover
The Legal Order of the European Union: The Institutional Role of the Court of Justice ebook cover
Concepts of Law: Comparative, Jurisprudential, and Social Science Perspectives ebook cover
$109.75 $119.95
Declarations of Interdependence: A Legal Pluralist Approach to Indigenous Rights ebook cover
$114.20 $124.95
Codifying Contract Law: International and Consumer Law Perspectives ebook cover
Indigenous Rights in Scandinavia: Autonomous Sami Law ebook cover
China's Drug Practices and Policies: Regulating Controlled Substances in a Global Context ebook cover
The Politics of Imagination ebook cover
No Crime But Prejudice ebook cover
Law and Sacrifice: Towards a Post Apartheid Theory of Law ebook cover
Law's Cut on the Body of Human Rights: Female Circumcision, Torture and Sacred Flesh ebook cover
Bruno Latour: The Normativity of Networks ebook cover
Law and Enjoyment: Power, Pleasure and Psychoanalysis ebook cover
Ethics of Hospitality ebook cover
Law Unlimited ebook cover
Critical Race Theory (Third Edition): An Introduction ebook cover
Spaces of Justice: Peripheries, Passages, Appropriations ebook cover
Law's Hermeneutics: Other Investigations ebook cover
Hybridity: Law, Culture and Development ebook cover
The Multi-Cultural Family ebook cover
$379.75 $400.00
The Theory and Practice of Legislation: Essays in Legisprudence ebook cover