Jurisprudence Ebooks

A Sociological Theory of Law ebook cover
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The Ecology of Law: Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community ebook cover
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The Foundation of the Juridico-Political: Concept Formation in Hans Kelsen and Max Weber ebook cover
Law's Ethical, Global and Theoretical Contexts ebook cover
The Secrets of Law ebook cover
The Law ebook cover
Migration of Constitutional Ideas ebook cover
Restorative Justice: Ideals and Realities ebook cover
Anarchy and Legal Order ebook cover
Pragmatism, Law, and Language ebook cover
Giorgio Agamben: Legal, Political and Philosophical Perspectives ebook cover
Ronald Dworkin: Third Edition ebook cover
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Ranciere and Law ebook cover
Corporate Citizenship, Contractarianism and Ethical Theory
On Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law ebook cover
Law's Practical Wisdom
The Theory and Practice of Law Making in New Governance Structures in the European Union
From Positivism to Idealism: A Study of the Moral Dimensions of Legality ebook cover
Envisioning Legality: Law, Culture and Representation ebook cover
Young People, Social Media and the Law ebook cover
Elements of Legislation ebook cover
The Law of Deliberative Democracy ebook cover
Law's Trace: From Hegel to Derrida ebook cover