Jurisprudence Ebooks

The Ethics of Personalised Medicine: Critical Perspectives ebook cover
The Diffusion of Law: The Movement of Laws and Norms Around the World ebook cover
The Courtroom as a Space of Resistance: Reflections on the Legacy of the Rivonia Trial ebook cover
Sovereignty in Post-Sovereign Society: A Systems Theory of European Constitutionalism ebook cover
Self-determination in Health Care ebook cover
E-Voting Case Law: A Comparative Analysis ebook cover
The Time of Catastrophe: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Age of Catastrophe ebook cover
Indigenous Rights in Scandinavia: Autonomous Sami Law ebook cover
The Psychology of Restorative Justice: Managing the Power Within ebook cover
Legal Education in the Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges ebook cover
Vulnerability: Reflections on a New Ethical Foundation for Law and Politics ebook cover
A Jurisprudence of Movement: Common Law, Walking, Unsettling Place ebook cover
Law, Memory, Violence: Uncovering the Counter-Archive ebook cover
Law, Immunization and the Right to Die ebook cover
Indigeneity: Before and Beyond the Law ebook cover
Making the Case: The Art of the Judicial Opinion ebook cover
Deng Xiaoping ebook cover
The Modern Cy-prs Doctrine: Applications and Implications ebook cover
The Latin American Casebook: Courts, Constitutions, and Rights ebook cover
Toxic Torts ebook cover
The Least Examined Branch ebook cover
Events: The Force of International Law ebook cover
Shakespearean Genealogies of Power ebook cover
On the Right of Exclusion: Law, Ethics and Immigration Policy ebook cover