Law Enforcement Ebooks

Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers ebook cover
Executive Leadership and Legislative Assemblies ebook cover
The Geographical Dimensions of Terrorism ebook cover
Perspectives on Presidential Leadership: An International View of the White House ebook cover
Native American Cultural and Religious Freedoms ebook cover
The Selection of Ministers around the World ebook cover
Always/Never ebook cover
$8.10 $9.99
UN Peace Operations and International Policing ebook cover
Surveillance in Europe ebook cover
Governing Borders and Security: The Politics of Connectivity and Dispersal ebook cover
Intelligence Cooperation and the War on Terror ebook cover
Criminal Investigation: A Method for Reconstructing the Past ebook cover
$22.40 $28.95
Police Administration: Emergency services, Emergency services ebook cover
$22.40 $28.95
Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction ebook cover
Cybercrime Investigative Case Management ebook cover
The Case for Capital Punishment ebook cover
$23.65 $28.99
Paths to Making a Difference: Leading in Government ebook cover
$22.45 $27.50
Ruling Russia: Law, Crime, and Justice in a Changing Society ebook cover
$35.20 $43.50
Water Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security ebook cover
$76.95 $96.50
Guns, Gun Control, and Elections: The Politics and Policy of Firearms ebook cover
$36.80 $45.50
Policing Notting Hill: Fifty Years of Turbulence ebook cover
Wanted on Warrants: The Fugitive Safe Surrender Program ebook cover
$20.45 $24.99
In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan's Life ebook cover
$13.25 $15.99
Tera-Tom's 1000 Page e-Book on Teradata Architecture and SQL ebook cover
$138.35 $199.99