Leadership Ebooks

Collaborative Leadership: Building Relationships, Handling Conflict and Sharing Control ebook cover
Attachment Theory: Social, Developmental, and Clinical Perspectives ebook cover
Cohesion Policy and Multi-level Governance in South East Europe ebook cover
Domestic and International Perspectives on Kyrgyzstan's 'Tulip Revolution' ebook cover
Barack Obama and the Myth of a Post-Racial America ebook cover
Choosing China's Leaders ebook cover
Learning for Leadership: Interpersonal and intergroup relations ebook cover
The Group Approach To Leadership-Testing ebook cover
Developing Leadership in the Asia Pacific: A focus on the individual ebook cover
How to Run a Country: An Ancient Guide for Modern Leaders ebook cover
Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era ebook cover
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Aboriginal Peoples and Electoral Reform in Canada: Volume 9 ebook cover
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Presidents and the Dissolution of the Union: Leadership Style from Polk to Lincoln ebook cover
The Everyday Life of the State: A State-in-Society Approach ebook cover
The Ethics of Voting ebook cover
Overreach: Leadership in the Obama Presidency ebook cover
Putin's United Russia Party ebook cover
Political Leadership, Nations and Charisma ebook cover
In Our Name: The Ethics of Democracy ebook cover
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The Rhetoric of Supreme Court Women: From Obstacles to Options ebook cover
$28.10 $34.99
Reforming the European Union: Realizing the Impossible ebook cover
Advancing Relational Leadership Research: A Dialogue Among Perspectives ebook cover
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Leadership and Authority in China: 1895-1978 ebook cover
$38.30 $47.99
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The George W. Bush Presidency: A Rhetorical Perspective ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99