Legal Education Ebooks

The Insider's Guide to Legal Skills ebook cover
Linguistic Diversity and European Democracy ebook cover
Ethics and Socially Responsible Investment: A Philosophical Approach ebook cover
Codification, Macaulay and the Indian Penal Code ebook cover
Constitutional Life and Europe's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice ebook cover
Discourse and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration ebook cover
'Integration through Law' Revisited: The Making of the European Polity ebook cover
Constitutional Paradigms and the Stability of States ebook cover
Intellectual Liberty: Natural Rights and Intellectual Property ebook cover
Ethnic Diversity and Federalism: Constitution Making in South Africa and Ethiopia ebook cover
Constitutions in the Global Financial Crisis: A Comparative Analysis ebook cover
International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics ebook cover
Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals ebook cover
Human Rights and the Body: Hidden in Plain Sight ebook cover
Q&A Company Law 2013-2014 ebook cover
Concepts of Law: Comparative, Jurisprudential, and Social Science Perspectives ebook cover
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Declarations of Interdependence: A Legal Pluralist Approach to Indigenous Rights ebook cover
$114.20 $124.95
Codifying Contract Law: International and Consumer Law Perspectives ebook cover
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LSAT NECESSARY: An LSAT prep test guide for the non-logical thinker ebook cover
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Beyond Legal Reasoning: a Critique of Pure Lawyering ebook cover
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Law School In Plain English ebook cover
$7.20 $9.99
Law in the Study of Business ebook cover
Reforming Legal Education: Law Schools at the Crossroads ebook cover
Mastering the National Admissions Test for Law ebook cover