Legal History Ebooks

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The Place of Law: The Role and Limits of Law in Society ebook cover
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Union and States' Rights ebook cover
$10.70 $12.99
The Rescue of Joshua Glover ebook cover
Shifting the Blame ebook cover
Empirical Legal Analysis: Assessing the performance of legal institutions ebook cover
Colonial and Post-colonial Constitutionalism in the Commonwealth ebook cover
Feminist Encounters with Legal Philosophy ebook cover
Enduring Conviction: Fred Korematsu and His Quest for Justice ebook cover
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Of Courtiers and Kings: More Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices ebook cover
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The Connecticut Prison Association and the Search for Reformatory Justice ebook cover
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Sources of Law, Legal Change, and Ambiguity ebook cover
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The Bakke Case: Race, Education, and Affirmative Action ebook cover
$10.20 $13.95
Corporate Romanticism: Liberalism, Justice, and the Novel ebook cover
Murderers or Martyrs ebook cover
Garrow's Law: The BBC Drama Revisited ebook cover
Obligations in Roman Law: Past, Present, and Future ebook cover
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Under Arrest: Canadian Laws You Won't Believe ebook cover
$7.25 $8.99
A History of the County Court, 1846-1971 ebook cover
Reason Curve, Jury Competence, and the English Criminal Justice System ebook cover
Writing the Legal Record: Law Reporters in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky ebook cover
Failures of the Legal Imagination ebook cover
The Jury in Lincoln's America ebook cover
Lincoln and Citizens' Rights in Civil War Missouri: Balancing Freedom and Security ebook cover
$21.85 $24.95
Judges and Judging in the History of the Common Law and Civil Law ebook cover