Legal History Ebooks

Ohio Canal Era: A Case Study of Government and the Economy, 1820-1861 ebook cover
The Jury in Lincoln's America ebook cover
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Raw Life: Cameos of 1890s Justice from a Magistrate's Bench Book ebook cover
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The Texas Supreme Court: A Narrative History, 1836-1986 ebook cover
The Brehon Laws: A Legal Handbook ebook cover
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The Story of Law ebook cover
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Lincoln Apostate ebook cover
$37.35 $40.00
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Supreme Court Jurisprudence in Times of National Crisis, Terrorism, and War ebook cover
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The Last Battle of the Civil War: United States versus Lee, 1861-1883 ebook cover
$22.15 $24.95
Lincoln and Citizens' Rights in Civil War Missouri: Balancing Freedom and Security ebook cover
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Judges and Judging in the History of the Common Law and Civil Law ebook cover
Dissenters, Radicals, Heretics and Blasphemers ebook cover
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Exoneration ebook cover
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Murder Was Not a Crime: Homicide and Power in the Roman Republic ebook cover
The Laws of Slavery in Texas: Historical Documents and Essays ebook cover
Crime and Community in Ciceronian Rome ebook cover
Disputes and Democracy: The Consequences of Litigation in Ancient Athens ebook cover
Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice: Perspectives on Land Claims in South Africa ebook cover
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The Dialogue of the Government of Wales (1594): Updated Text and Commentary ebook cover
$56.20 $70.00
Undaunted Radical: The Selected Writings and Speeches of Albion W. Tourge ebook cover
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A History of Criminal Justice in England ebook cover
Latinos and American Law: Landmark Supreme Court Cases ebook cover
Champion of Civil Rights: Judge John Minor Wisdom ebook cover
$26.45 $29.95
The European Court & Civil Society ebook cover