Legal History Ebooks

The Emotions of Justice: Gender, Status, and Legal Performance in Choson Korea ebook cover
Forgery and Impersonation in Imperial China: Popular Deceptions and the High Qing State ebook cover
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Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson ebook cover
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Explicit and Authentic Acts ebook cover
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Spacing Law and Politics: The Constitution and Representation of the Juridical ebook cover
Is Killing People Right? ebook cover
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Father, Son, and Constitution ebook cover
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Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion ebook cover
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Dark Speech: The Performance of Law in Early Ireland ebook cover
The Ordeal ebook cover
The Presidents and the Constitution: A Living History ebook cover
The Psychology of Tort Law ebook cover
Unfit for Democracy: The Roberts Court and the Breakdown of American Politics ebook cover
The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law ebook cover
The Vietnam War on Trial: The My Lai Massacre and the Court-Martial of Lieutenant Calley ebook cover
Master and Servant Law ebook cover
Marks of an Absolute Witch: Evidentiary Dilemmas in Early Modern England ebook cover
Outlaws in Medieval and Early Modern England ebook cover
Women, Crime, and Forgiveness in Early Modern Portugal ebook cover
Conscience, Equity and the Court of Chancery in Early Modern England ebook cover
The Laws and Other Legalities of Ireland, 1689-1850 ebook cover
Devising, Dying and Dispute: Probate Litigation in Early Modern England ebook cover
Inheritance Law and Political Theology in Shakespeare and Milton ebook cover
Three Cases That Shook the Law ebook cover