Legal History Ebooks

Enduring Conviction: Fred Korematsu and His Quest for Justice ebook cover
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The Connecticut Prison Association and the Search for Reformatory Justice ebook cover
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Sources of Law, Legal Change, and Ambiguity ebook cover
Corporate Romanticism: Liberalism, Justice, and the Novel ebook cover
Being Watched: Legal Challenges to Government Surveillance ebook cover
Colonial and Post-colonial Constitutionalism in the Commonwealth ebook cover
Archaeologies of Rules and Regulation: Between Text and Practice ebook cover
War, the State and International Law in Seventeenth-Century Europe ebook cover
Dickens and the Rise of Divorce: The Failed-Marriage Plot and the Novel Tradition ebook cover
Feud, Violence and Practice: Essays in Medieval Studies in Honor of Stephen D. White ebook cover
Ratio and Voluntas: The Tension Between Reason and Will in Law ebook cover
The Transatlantic Gothic Novel and the Law, 1790-1860 ebook cover
Codification, Macaulay and the Indian Penal Code ebook cover
Democracies and the Shock of War: The Law as a Battlefield ebook cover
Constitutional Paradigms and the Stability of States ebook cover
Democracy in Iraq: History, Politics, Discourse ebook cover
Crime, Courtrooms and the Public Sphere in Britain, 1700-1850 ebook cover
Should A Doctor Tell?: The Evolution of Medical Confidentiality in Britain ebook cover
The River Pollution Dilemma in Victorian England: Nuisance Law versus Economic Efficiency ebook cover
Shaping US Military Law: Governing a Constitutional Military ebook cover
The Ashgate Research Companion to Islamic Law ebook cover
Women in Law and Lawmaking in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Europe ebook cover
A Study of Mixed Legal Systems: Endangered, Entrenched or Blended ebook cover
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Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland, Volume 1: Magistrates, Media and the Masses ebook cover