Legislative Branch Ebooks

Early Tudor Parliaments 1485-1558 ebook cover
Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union ebook cover
Corruption and Legislatures ebook cover
The Roles and Function of Parliamentary Questions ebook cover
The Parliaments of Early Modern Europe: 1400 - 1700 ebook cover
Parties and Parliaments in Southeast Asia ebook cover
Tudor Parliaments,The Crown,Lords and Commons,1485-1603 ebook cover
Parliamentary Reform in Britain, c. 1770-1918 ebook cover
The Chilean Senate: Internal Distribution of Influence ebook cover
Congressional Primary Elections ebook cover
One from Seven Hundred: A Year in the Life of Parliament ebook cover
The House at Work ebook cover
Environmental Policymaking in Congress ebook cover
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Reflections on Conservative Politics in the United Kingdom and the United States ebook cover
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Confirmation Wars: Preserving Independent Courts in Angry Times ebook cover
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Getting Primaried: The Changing Politics of Congressional Primary Challenges ebook cover
Joe Moakley's Journey: From South Boston to El Salvador ebook cover
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The Political Battle over Congressional Redistricting ebook cover
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The Roads to Congress 2012 ebook cover
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Rivals for Power: Presidential-Congressional Relations ebook cover
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Confrontation and Compromise: Presidential and Congressional Leadership, 2001-2006 ebook cover
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Congress Confronts the Court: The Struggle for Legitimacy and Authority in Lawmaking ebook cover
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Legislating Without Experience: Case Studies in State Legislative Term Limits ebook cover
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Congress and the Fourteenth Amendment: Enforcing Liberty and Equality in the States ebook cover
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