Library & Information Science Ebooks

Data Clean-Up and Management: A Practical Guide for Librarians ebook cover
From Lending to Learning: The Development and Extension of Public Libraries ebook cover
Ontologies, Taxonomies and Thesauri in Systems Science and Systematics ebook cover
Reinventing the Library for Online Education ebook cover
Technological Innovation: Perceptions and Definitions ebook cover
Making Libraries Accessible: Adaptive Design and Assistive Technology ebook cover
Information Consulting: Guide to Good Practice ebook cover
New Content in Digital Repositories: The Changing Research Landscape ebook cover
Online Databases and Other Internet Resources for Earth Science ebook cover
Occupational Health: A Guide to Sources of Information ebook cover
Setting Up a New Library and Information Service ebook cover
Bibliographic Information Organization in the Semantic Web ebook cover
Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Resource Management ebook cover
Electronic Resources in the Virtual Learning Environment: A Guide for Librarians ebook cover
A Sense of Control: Virtual Communities for People with Mobility Impairments ebook cover
Freedom of Information: Working Towards Compliance ebook cover
Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering ebook cover
The Machiavellian Librarian ebook cover
From Knowledge Abstraction to Management ebook cover
Technical Services Management, 19651990 ebook cover
Electronic Resources and Collection Development ebook cover
The Practical Library Trainer ebook cover
Distance Learning: Information Access and Services for Virtual Users ebook cover
Retrospective Conversion Now in Paperback: History, Approaches, Considerations ebook cover