Linguistics Ebooks

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Word: Beyond Language, Beyond Image ebook cover
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Multilingualism Online ebook cover
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Receptions of the Classics in the African Diaspora of the Hispanophone and Lusophone Worlds ebook cover
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Routledge Revivals ebook cover
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Grand Theory in Folkloristics ebook cover
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Ethics as Grammar: Changing the Postmodern Subject ebook cover
Expletive and Referential Subject Pronouns in Medieval French ebook cover
The Names of Homeric Heroes: Problems and Interpretations ebook cover
Word-Formation: An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe ebook cover
Crossing Languages to Play with Words: Multidisciplinary Perspectives ebook cover
Pidgin and Creole Languages ebook cover
Language, Feeling, and the Brain: The Evocative Vector ebook cover
Panel Studies of Variation and Change ebook cover
Advancing Multimodal and Critical Discourse Studies ebook cover
The Origin and Diversification of Language ebook cover
Posthumanist Applied Linguistics ebook cover
Linguistic Analyses ebook cover
Bantu: Modern Grammatical, Phonetical and Lexicographical Studies Since 1860 ebook cover
African Languages/Langues Africaines: Volume 5 (2) 1979 ebook cover
The Phonetic and Tonal Structure of Kikuyu ebook cover
The Southern Bantu Languages: Handbook of African Languages ebook cover
Language in Zambia ebook cover
A Study of the coal® Language: Grammar and Vocabulary ebook cover
Living Languages and New Approaches to Language Revitalisation Research ebook cover