Linguistics Ebooks

Language and Materialism: Developments in Semiology and the Theory of the Subject ebook cover
Word Meaning and Belief ebook cover
Language, Text and Context: Essays in stylistics ebook cover
Styles of Discourse ebook cover
Discourse Analytic Research: Repertoires and readings of texts in action ebook cover
A Formal Approach to Discourse Anaphora ebook cover
Discourse Pragmatics and the Verb: The Evidence from Romance ebook cover
Analysing Sentences: An Introduction to English Syntax ebook cover
Triangulating Methodological Approaches in Corpus Linguistic Research ebook cover
Language in Children ebook cover
A History of English Negation ebook cover
Convergence: English and Nigerian Languages: A Festschrift for Munzali A. Jibril ebook cover
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Transcultural Flows of English and Education in Asian Contexts ebook cover
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Fixing Babel: An Historical Anthology of Applied English Lexicography ebook cover
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Language Policy and Education in India: Documents, contexts and debates ebook cover
The Sociolinguistics of Digital Englishes ebook cover
An Introduction to Middle English ebook cover
The History of Early English: An activity-based approach ebook cover
English Infinitive, The ebook cover
The Earliest English: An Introduction to Old English Language ebook cover
English Pronunciation Models in a Globalized World ebook cover
Standardizing Diversity: The Political Economy of Language Regimes ebook cover
Case ebook cover
A Sociolinguistics of Diaspora: Latino Practices, Identities, and Ideologies ebook cover