Linguistics Ebooks

Language Functions and Brain Organization ebook cover
Language Processing in Social Context ebook cover
Language, Cognitive Deficits, and Retardation: Study Group Series ebook cover
On Understanding Grammar ebook cover
Computational Linguistics ebook cover
Conceptual Information Processing ebook cover
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Kankanaey: A Role and Reference Grammar Analysis ebook cover
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Literary Pragmatics (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Understanding Syntax ebook cover
Acquiring Pragmatics: Social and cognitive perspectives ebook cover
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language ebook cover
Linguistic Variation: Confronting Fact and Theory ebook cover
Researching Identity and Interculturality ebook cover
Second Language Grammar: Learning and Teaching ebook cover
Testing Second Language Speaking ebook cover
Misunderstanding in Social Life: Discourse Approaches to Problematic Talk ebook cover
Power and Politeness in the Workplace: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Talk at Work ebook cover
Second Language Learning: Theoretical Foundations ebook cover
History of Linguistics Vol III: Renaissance and Early Modern Linguistics ebook cover
Case Marking and Grammatical Relations in Polynesian ebook cover
The History of Tense/Aspect/Mood/Voice in the Mayan Verbal Complex ebook cover
Concise History of the Language Sciences: From the Sumerians to the Cognitivists ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
Languages and Dialects in the U.S.: Focus on Diversity and Linguistics ebook cover
Crossing: Language and Ethnicity Among Adolescents ebook cover