Literary Criticism Ebooks

The Appearance of Print in Eighteenth-Century Fiction ebook cover
The Myth of Persephone in Girls' Fantasy Literature ebook cover
The Postcolonial City and Its Subjects: London, Nairobi, Bombay ebook cover
Nature, Class, and New Deal Literature: The Country Poor in the Great Depression ebook cover
Bert and I ... the Book ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
Shakespeare, Theatre, and Time ebook cover
Shakespeare and the Jesuits: 'To Fight the Fight' ebook cover
The Music of the Soul ebook cover
Jokes and the Linguistic Mind ebook cover
Silent Cry. Echoes of Young Zimbabwe Voices: Echoes of Young Zimbabwe Voices ebook cover
The Fiction of Ruth Rendell ebook cover
$5.57 $6.99
From Gift to Commodity: Capitalism and Sacrifice in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction ebook cover
$37.35 $39.99
The Neuroscientific Turn: Transdisciplinarity in the Age of the Brain ebook cover
Working on Texts: Reading Literature Critically ebook cover
Home To Harlem ebook cover
$9.20 $9.99
In the Chinks of the World Machine: Feminism and Science Fiction ebook cover
The Editing of American Literature, 1890-1930: Essays and Reviews ebook cover
$64.45 $80.50
Understanding Diane Johnson ebook cover
$17.10 $21.99
Understanding James Leo Herlihy ebook cover
$17.10 $21.99
Understanding Colum McCann ebook cover
$17.10 $21.99
Understanding David Mamet ebook cover
$17.10 $21.99
Understanding Cormac McCarthy ebook cover
$16.35 $20.99
Ambrose Bierce's Civilians and Soldiers in Context: A Critical Study ebook cover
$12.45 $14.99
A Most Dangerous Book: Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich ebook cover