Literary Criticism Ebooks

A Preface to James Joyce: Second Edition ebook cover
The Dematerialisation of Karl Marx: Literature and Marxist Theory ebook cover
Captain Tristan Am I ebook cover
In a Persian Mirror: Images of the West and Westerners in Iranian Fiction ebook cover
Invasions USA: The Essential Science Fiction Films of the 1950s ebook cover
$30.85 $38.00
Gente Decente: A Borderlands Response to the Rhetoric of Dominance ebook cover
Thomas J. Wise: Centenary Studies ebook cover
The Shattered Mirror: Representations of Women in Mexican Literature ebook cover
The Spanish American Novel: A Twentieth-Century Survey ebook cover
The Art of Faulkner's Novels ebook cover
Forms of Modern British Fiction ebook cover
The Ethics of Intensity in American Fiction ebook cover
Marriage and Land Law in Shakespeare and Middleton ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
Amorous Games: A Critical Edition of Les Adevineaux Amoureux ebook cover
Literary Diseases: Theme and Metaphor in the Italian Novel ebook cover
Hereditas: Seven Essays on the Modern Experience of the Classical ebook cover
$11.30 $12.95
Rich's Farewell to Military Profession, 1581 ebook cover
The Law of the Heart: Individualism and the Modern Self in American Literature ebook cover
The Photoplay: A Psychological Study ebook cover
Kant and the Southern New Critics ebook cover
The Cradle of Erewhon: Samuel Butler in New Zealand ebook cover
Ruben Dario Centennial Studies ebook cover
Tense and Narrativity: From Medieval Performance to Modern Fiction ebook cover
Constituent and Pattern in Poetry ebook cover