Managerial Ebooks

Pricing for Profitability: Activity-Based Pricing for Competitive Advantage ebook cover
The Handbook of Risk ebook cover
Essentials of Financial Risk Management ebook cover
E-Business and ERP: Rapid Implementation and Project Planning ebook cover
Essentials of XBRL: Financial Reporting in the 21st Century ebook cover
Essentials of Balanced Scorecard ebook cover
Just-in-Time Accounting: How to Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency ebook cover
Executive's Guide to Knowledge Management: The Last Competitive Advantage ebook cover
Essentials of Payroll: Management and Accounting ebook cover
Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business ebook cover
CRM Unplugged: Releasing CRM's Strategic Value ebook cover
Beyond Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Effective Enterprise Risk Management ebook cover
Controller's Guide to Planning and Controlling Operations ebook cover
Managing Credit Risk in Corporate Bond Portfolios: A Practitioner's Guide ebook cover
Managing Exports: Navigating the Complex Rules, Controls, Barriers, and Laws ebook cover
Corporate Social Responsibility: a case study guide for Management Accountants ebook cover
Process Improvement for Effective Budgeting and Financial Reporting ebook cover
Intellectual Property Assets in Mergers and Acquisitions ebook cover
Accounting Reference Desktop ebook cover
Essentials of Corporate Performance Measurement ebook cover
Accounts Payable: A Guide to Running an Efficient Department ebook cover
Compensation Committee Handbook ebook cover
Performance-Based Reporting: New Management Tools for Unpredictable Times ebook cover
Enterprise Risk Management: A Manager's Journey ebook cover