Managerial Ebooks

Essentials of Corporate Fraud ebook cover
Operational Risk Management: A Case Study Approach to Effective Planning and Response ebook cover
Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business ebook cover
Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators (KPIs) ebook cover
Supply Chain Management Best Practices ebook cover
The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence ebook cover
Travel and Entertainment Best Practices ebook cover
Directory of Global Professional Accounting and Business Certifications ebook cover
Business Process Outsourcing: Process, Strategies, and Contracts ebook cover
Accounts Payable and Sarbanes-Oxley: Strengthening Your Internal Controls ebook cover
Fair Value for Financial Reporting: Meeting the New FASB Requirements ebook cover
Case Studies in Performance Management: A Guide from the Experts ebook cover
Sarbanes-Oxley Guide for Finance and Information Technology Professionals ebook cover
Billing and Collections Best Practices ebook cover
Payroll: A Guide to Running an Efficient Department ebook cover
Biotech Industry: A Global, Economic, and Financing Overview ebook cover
Controllership: The Work of the Managerial Accountant ebook cover
Life-Cycle Costing ebook cover
Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery: A Small Business Guide ebook cover
Managing the Risks of Payment Systems ebook cover
Essentials of Cost Management ebook cover
Triple Bottom Line Risk Management ebook cover
Corporate Governance: How To Add Value To Your Company: A Practical Implementation Guide ebook cover
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Politics of Contemporary European Cinema ebook cover
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