Maritime Ebooks

Maritime Safety, Security and Piracy ebook cover
Steel Carriage by Sea ebook cover
International Maritime Conventions (Volume 2) ebook cover
Case Studies in Oceanography and Marine Affairs ebook cover
Principles of the Carriage of Goods by Sea ebook cover
European Sustainable Carriage of Goods: The Role of Contract Law ebook cover
The Modern Law of Marine Insurance: Volume Four ebook cover
$416.55 $439.00
Maritime Law ebook cover
Illustrated Dictionary of Cargo Handling ebook cover
The Politics of Piracy: Crime and Civil Disobedience in Colonial America ebook cover
$32.75 $34.99
Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships Volume I: A Commentary on the 1952 Arrest Convention ebook cover
$588.30 $620.00
Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships Volume II: A Commentary on the 1999 Arrest Convention ebook cover
$417.65 $440.00
Marine Cargo Insurance, Second Edition ebook cover
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Tanker Disasters, IMO's Places of Refuge and the Special Compensation Clause; Erika, Prestige, Castor and 65 Casualties ebook cover
Serving the Rule of International Maritime Law ebook cover
Limitation of Liability in International Maritime Conventions ebook cover
Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Security ebook cover
The Extension of Coastal State Jurisdiction in Enclosed or Semi-Enclosed Seas ebook cover
The Maritime Labour Convention 2006: International Labour Law Redefined ebook cover
Forum Shopping ebook cover
Modern Maritime Law (Volume 1): Jurisdiction and Risks ebook cover
Modern Maritime Law (Volume 2): Managing Risks and Liabilities ebook cover
Commercial and Maritime Statutes ebook cover
Contracts of Carriage by Land and Air ebook cover