Mathematical Analysis Ebooks

Smooth analysis in Banach spaces ebook cover
Nonlinear Optics ebook cover
Mathematical Modeling ebook cover
Analysis and Probability ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology: Using Modern Discrete Models ebook cover
Think Bayes: Bayesian Statistics in Python ebook cover
$21.15 $23.99
Calculus of Thought: Neuromorphic Logistic Regression in Cognitive Machines ebook cover
Numerical Methods for Roots of Polynomials - Part II ebook cover
$162.10 $172.00
The Finite Element Method: A Practical Course ebook cover
Introduction To The Operational Calculus ebook cover
Inverse Problem Theory: Methods for Data Fitting and Model Parameter Estimation ebook cover
Misteaks: And How to Find Them Before the Teacher Does ebook cover
Irreducible Tensor Methods: An Introduction for Chemists ebook cover
The Finite Element Method in Engineering ebook cover
Mathematical Methods for Physicists ebook cover
Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods in Electromagnetic Scattering ebook cover
Numerical Methods for Problems in Infinite Domains ebook cover
Optimization in Mechanics: Problems and Methods ebook cover
Stability in Viscoelasticity ebook cover
Variational, Incremental and Energy Methods in Solid Mechanics and Shell Theory ebook cover
Complex Variables ebook cover
Arithmetic Differential Operators Over the P-Adic Integers ebook cover
Reflections on a Century of Malaria Biochemistry ebook cover
Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations ebook cover
$240.90 $260.00