Mathematical Physics Ebooks

Nonlinear Physics of DNA ebook cover
Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale ebook cover
The Force of Symmetry ebook cover
Spinors and Space-Time ebook cover
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String Theory Demystified ebook cover
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String Theory and M-Theory ebook cover
Applied Chaos Theory: A Paradigm for Complexity ebook cover
Problems and Solutions in Quantum Mechanics ebook cover
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Art, Technology, Consciousness: Mind@large ebook cover
$25.75 $32.00
Noncommutative Geometry ebook cover
Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
Mathematical Methods for Physicists ebook cover
Analysis, Manifolds and Physics, Part II - Revised and Enlarged Edition ebook cover
$153.90 $165.00
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The Problem of Information: An Introduction to Information Science ebook cover
$42.25 $52.99
An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology ebook cover
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Engineering Nature: Art and Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era ebook cover
$20.20 $25.00
Moonshine beyond the Monster ebook cover
Ideas of Quantum Chemistry ebook cover
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Finite-Temperature Field Theory ebook cover
Guide Monte Carlo Sim Stat Phys 2ed ebook cover
Allegorical images: Tableau, Time and Gesture in the Cinema of Werner Schroeter ebook cover
New Optimization Algorithms in Physics ebook cover
Mrs. Perkins's Electric Quilt: And Other Intriguing Stories of Mathematical Physics ebook cover
Stochastic Equations through the Eye of the Physicist ebook cover
$318.55 $350.00