Mathematical Physics Ebooks

Mrs. Perkins's Electric Quilt: And Other Intriguing Stories of Mathematical Physics ebook cover
Stochastic Equations through the Eye of the Physicist ebook cover
$318.55 $350.00
Mathematics for Physics ebook cover
Differential forms in mathematical physics ebook cover
Van der Waals Forces ebook cover
Unstable Singularities and Randomness ebook cover
$158.40 $170.00
Group Theory in Physics: An Introduction ebook cover
$126.70 $135.00
Negotiating Spain and Catalonia: Competing Narratives of National Identity ebook cover
Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics ebook cover
Development Through Technology Transfer ebook cover
Introductory Computational Physics ebook cover
Elements of the Random Walk ebook cover
Mathematical Methods for Mathematicians, Physical Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
$85.25 $89.95
Quantum Dynamics for Classical Systems: With Applications of the Number Operator ebook cover
Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics: Introduction for Applied Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
Applied Nonlinear Dynamics: Analytical, Computational and Experimental Methods ebook cover
Synergetic Agents: From Multi-Robot Systems to Molecular Robotics ebook cover
Computational Statistics ebook cover
Nonequilibrium Magnons: Theory, Experiment and Applications ebook cover
Fundamental Math and Physics for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 156 ebook cover
A Modern Theory of Random Variation ebook cover
Topology and Geometry for Physicists ebook cover
Introduction to Nonlinear Oscillations ebook cover