Mathematical Physics Ebooks

Unified Non-Local Theory of Transport Processes: Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics ebook cover
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Lyapunov Exponents ebook cover
A First Course in Differential Equations, Modeling, and Simulation, Second Edition ebook cover
Simple Deformation and Vibration by Finite Element Analysis ebook cover
$17.95 $19.00
Developing Science, Mathematics, and Ict Education in Sub-Saharan Africa ebook cover
$13.40 $15.00
An Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics ebook cover
Dynamics of Stochastic Systems ebook cover
Obstacle Problems in Mathematical Physics ebook cover
Simple Fields of Physics by Finite Element Analysis ebook cover
$17.95 $19.00
Introduction to the Mathematical Physics of Nonlinear Waves ebook cover
Application of Nonlinear Systems in Nanomechanics and Nanofluids ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Line Integral Methods for Conservative Problems ebook cover
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Mathematical Theory of Composite Materials and Exact Relations ebook cover
$101.60 $150.00
The Illustrated Wavelet Transform Handbook ebook cover
The Melencolia Manifesto ebook cover
Guide to Essential Math: A Review for Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Students ebook cover
Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations of 20th-Century Physics ebook cover
$233.70 $255.00
Augmented Lagrangian Methods ebook cover
$133.95 $143.00
Hydrodynamic Fluctuations in Fluids and Fluid Mixtures ebook cover
$94.50 $99.95
Computational Nanoscience: Applications for Molecules, Clusters, and Solids ebook cover
Supergravity ebook cover
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The Mathematical Theory of Communication ebook cover
$17.55 $22.50
Advanced Tokamak Stability Theory ebook cover
SMath for Physics ebook cover