Mathematics Ebooks

Sets for Mathematics ebook cover
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The Universal Book of Mathematics: From Abracadabra to Zeno's Paradoxes ebook cover
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Essentials of Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences ebook cover
The Probabilistic Method ebook cover
Principles of Mathematics ebook cover
The Empire of Chance: How Probability Changed Science and Everyday Life ebook cover
Computability and Logic ebook cover
Calculated Bets ebook cover
Topics in Matrix Analysis ebook cover
An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry ebook cover
A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra ebook cover
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Business Math Demystified ebook cover
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TI-89 Graphing Calculator For Dummies ebook cover
The Survival Game: How Game Theory Explains the Biology of Cooperation and Competition ebook cover
An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic: From If to Is ebook cover
Provability, Computability and Reflection ebook cover
$254.70 $275.00
Applied Logistic Regression ebook cover
Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective ebook cover
Geometric Algebra for Physicists ebook cover
Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions ebook cover
Philosophy of Mathematics: An Introduction to a World of Proofs and Pictures ebook cover
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Math Proofs Demystified ebook cover
$19.85 $24.00
Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek ebook cover