Mathematics Ebooks

Mathematical Modelling of Waves in Multi-Scale Structured Media ebook cover
N-ary Relations for Logical Analysis of Data and Knowledge ebook cover
CRC Handbook of Tables for Order Statistics from Inverse Gaussian Distributions with Applications ebook cover
Semigroups: An Introduction to the Structure Theory ebook cover
$275.45 $290.00
Practical Data Analysis for Designed Experiments ebook cover
Wavelets in Medicine and Biology ebook cover
Analysis of Infectious Disease Data ebook cover
Abstract Algebra: A Comprehensive Treatment ebook cover
Numerical Integration of Space Fractional Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Understanding Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB® and Solutions ebook cover
Advanced Numerical Simulations in Mechanical Engineering ebook cover
Handbook of Ordinary Differential Equations: Exact Solutions, Methods, and Problems ebook cover
Integration and Cubature Methods: A Geomathematically Oriented Course ebook cover
Writing Math Research Papers ebook cover
Computer Arithmetic and Formal Proofs ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Exascale Scientific Applications: Scalability and Performance Portability ebook cover
Factorization in Integral Domains ebook cover
$294.40 $310.00
Statistical Inference Based on the likelihood ebook cover
Weakly Stationary Random Fields, Invariant Subspaces and Applications ebook cover
Covariances in Computer Vision and Machine Learning ebook cover
Elementary Differential Equations ebook cover